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Series of six pocket books, each focusing on a particular aspect in the Bible.
Parables, Proverbs, Psalms, Prayers, Praises, & Promises help small children view a delightful interpretation and application of Scripture. These pocketbooks were on the CBA bestseller lists when they were first published. Scripture references included for further study.
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Pocket of Promises
$1.99 Pocket of Promises
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Pocket of Praises
$1.99 Pocket of Praises
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Pocket of Parables
$1.99 Pocket of Parables
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Pocket of Proverbs
$1.99 Pocket of Proverbs
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Pocket of Prayers
$1.99 Pocket of Prayers
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Pocket of Psalms
$1.99 Pocket of Psalms
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