Pocket of Psalms

Children love to store treasures in their pockets.
Now the greatest treasure of all—God’s Word—is here in a “Pocket” for you to share.


•  A Pocket of Psalms is a unique way for you to help your children discover the joy of living as God’s beloved child.
•  Let this Pocket full of Psalms strengthen your children’s faith as they memorize scripture verses (taken from New King James Version).
•  Teach your children to treasure God’s Word. Remember: Where your child’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.
Help your children grow in faith with Scripture verses from the Psalms.
Each page shares a verse from the Psalms for children to memorize.

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Pocket of Psalms Pocket of Psalms Pocket of Psalms Pocket of Psalms Pocket of Psalms
Pocket of Psalms

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