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After we had published over 45 books with major Christian publishing companies, we began our own publishing company in 2006 to produce Christian books, Curriculum Lessons, and Missions Outreach resources at wholesale cost for distribution through churches and ministries. Over 3,000 Big Books (on Psalm 23, Genesis 1, Psalm 139) and 100,000 high-quality pocketbooks and paperback booklets have been distributed in the USA, Mexico, Central & South America, and Africa.
In 2013, over 44,000 Christmas cards were distributed to various prisons, jails, and ministries working with the homeless and destitute all over the USA.
In 2014, over 120,000 Christmas cards (4 English cards and 2 Spanish cards) were distributed. 
We have recently moved from Nashville, Tennessee, back to Portland, Oregon, where we continue our work of providing resources via digital ebooks, powerpoints, videos, and Christmas cards:  200,000 Christmas cards in 2015, 209,000 in 2016. Each card is designed with a unique visual message along with a Gospel message of love, hope, and forgiveness.

The Christmas cards have also blessed many prison chaplains. It provides them with another opportunity for ministry among inmates. Chaplains pray over the cards and then hand them out among the inmates. Several chaplains told us that the day on which cards are handed out is a day of joy and celebration that inmates look forward to each year. One chaplain said the Christmas cards were always “the HIGHLIGHT of the whole year!”

Various churches write encouraging notes in the cards and then give the cards to a prison chaplain to distribute, especially to give to those inmates who never receive any mail. But most prison chaplains ask for two to four cards to give out to each inmate so they can send a card to their friends and family members.

Ministries who used the Christmas cards for their outreach:

  •  Christian Library International mailed packs of 100 cards/envelopes to chaplains serving in about 40 US prisons (in various states)
  •  Commission to Every Nation — Missionaries took nearly 1,000 cards for distribution in English speaking countries in Africa (Kenya, Niger, East Africa, Cameroon, Liberia, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Madagascar, and South Africa)
  • Food Banks — Washington County, Oregon & Charlotte, NC, and in Texas
  • Over 20 ministries at US Digital Mission Outreach Center, Vancouver, WA

In 2016 Over 190,000 Cards distributed to inmates in 68 prisons and jails in 25 states:

Alaska (1 jail), California (13 prisons/jails), Colorado (1), Florida (2), Georgia (4), Illinois (3), Idaho (4), Iowa (1), Kansas (1), Michigan (3), Mississippi (3), Montana (2), North Carolina (3), North Dakota (1), New Hampshire (1), New Mexico (1), Nevada (2), New York (1), Pennsylvania (2), Oklahoma (2), Oregon (10), Tennessee (1), Texas (2), Virginia (2), Washington (3)

It is a great privilege to partner with chaplains who minister across the USA in such places as the Los Angeles jails, Limon Correctional Facility in Colorado, Louisana State Prison, Nashville jails and prisons.

Our teaching lessons, books, power points and DVDs are tools to plant "seeds" of God's Word in hearts and minds of young and old.
Hence, our name: "Seed Faith Books."
We partner with churches, schools, and other ministries like Christian Library International in the USA and around the world, providing books and teaching resources for Sunday School ministry, local missions, and outreach ministries. We partner with Amazon Xpeditions, Rio Grande Bible Institute, Foursquare Mission Press, Helping Hands International, Set Free Prison Ministry, Commission to Every Nation, plus Christian outreach along the Mexican border along with other teaching ministries in Mexico, Central and South America.

Our best-selling, CS Lewis Silver Award-winning Psalm 23 books, booklets, and lesson resources have touched thousands of lives, both young and old. These products help teach the meaning of Psalm 23 in depth. Our Psalm 23 resources help children easily memorize this beloved Psalm.
NOTE: All Psalm 23 resources have been given a
           'SEAL OF APPROVAL' by Focus On The Family ministry.
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