The Complete Easter Story

The Complete Easter Story

As told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – Four Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible.

Discover 74 little-known “Fascinating Facts.”

Do you know . . .
• Why Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem?
• Why people waved palm branches?
• What happened at 3:00 p.m. when Jesus died?
• The message of the folded facecloth?
• What the wrapped gravecloths prove?

More clarity and broader overview

Just like eye-witnesses today may vary on what they notice and experience, so these chapters pull together a variety of details to give greater clarity and a broader overview of these important events in Scripture.

Main features of  this book: 38 chapters

• Share one chapter a day.
• Two “Fascinating Facts” in each chapter to help understand Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection.
• Two to three discussion questions at the end of each chapter plus a memory verse.
• Bible references are found at the beginning of each chapter.

Events of the last week of Jesus' life in chronological order.

Many Old Testament promises point to this moment in time. Instead of a span of hundreds of years, God's plan of salvation is about to be fulfilled in a period of just a few days, hours, and minutes.
• Passover Meal–Last Supper
• Good Friday–“It is Finished” -  the cross
• Resurrection–Roman soldiers and Jewish officials

Events following Jesus' resurrection

• 40 days of Jesus' appearances and ascension
• Pentecost–the birth of Christ's church

Learn the Old Testament prophecies and historical events that point to Jesus as the promised Messiah.
• Details of the culture and customs of the Bible
• What Jesus' sacrifice means to us today

Examine evidence for the resurrection of Jesus

• Eye-witness accounts
• Roman soldiers
• Empty tomb
• Radical change in Jesus' follower
• What Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection means to us today 

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